KUNA Tech assists in all the essential aspects of crypto and Fintech business. We offer our expertise in the following fields
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Our reality calls for some essential components, including innovations, a human-centered strategy, inclusivity, and sustainability. Because of this, UI/UX is a tool to meet the needs and requirements of crypto business while providing the maximum value to the end customer. And we are here to help you!Our team conducts the following activities:
1. Market and user research
Define the pains and needs of your customers, turn them into opportunities and advantages, and achieve your company goals.
2. Usability audits
No matter how well your digital product is designed, you must conduct adequate research to guarantee optimal product/market fit. To determine the ideal fit or develop our blend, we identify end users' usability requirements, examine your competitors’ UX solutions, and look at the crypto market's best practices.
3. Brand identity
Developing a memorable brand identity that people will recognize and believe in helps you turn your functional blockchain products into a compelling brand. Use visual communication and design strategies to convey your message in a way that appeals to the target audience you wish to reach.
4. Clicking prototypes creation
You get a complete set of UX prototypes from KUNA Tech product design team and project manager, which serve as the basis for your product's design. We create a product sitemap based on prior research, designing user flows, wireframing, and prototyping to give the most outstanding user experiences. Creating a moodboard, setting UI ideas, a complete collection of UI components and UI mock-up assembly for all screen resolutions and positions are also included in UI design services.
5. A/B testing
A customizable crypto product or software should be prototyped, tested, improved upon, and fixed. By providing statistics on designs or marketing tactics that are most effective for your product, A/B testing can enhance your design process and enable you to make rational and informed design decisions.

Software Engineering

This part of the job is the most responsible because the code is the essence. Our engineering team comprises seasoned professionals who have "been there, done that." They use this in-depth knowledge to create any product, from MVP for startups to enterprise-level platforms.
Mobile and web app development
Our front-end engineers are obsessive about creating user interfaces for apps that nearly resemble our final and approved designs. We develop cutting-edge iOS, Android, and contemporary web applications
Backend and API development
All server environments, systems infrastructure, highly customized APIs, and backend logic are built up by our skilled engineering team. Scalability is our priority
QA testing
Before the product or software release, our team conducts proper Quality Assurance testing across the crypto project, detecting any issues that may develop to ensure product cleanliness is always a priority.


Consultancy companies help to optimize and improve business processes, but customers need more now. They look for a place to get expert insights and practical solutions that solve their critical problems. At KUNA Tech, we show the industry best practices and share our business development expertise.
Software implementation strategy
We assist businesses in creating their short- and long-term roadmaps for implementing software. Our team supports reasonable software investment while encouraging the safe adoption of customized solutions to facilitate seamless business transformation.
Tech advisory services
KUNA Tech advisors help to choose the tech stack that is best suited for your project. No matter it is a programming language or API solution, we will revise your benefits and drawbacks before launching your product or software.
Business solution consulting
Choosing the appropriate features can be easier with the expert hand given. We will help you decide on your project's development and customization scope.

It is all about our experts' focus on delivering value to the end customer and guaranteeing investment returns for crypto business owners.

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Managed IT Services

These are tasks handled by a third party, typically in the context of corporate IT services. One option is to delegate general chores to experts using the managed services model to cut costs, enhance service quality, or free up internal teams to focus on duties unique to your company. Ask KUNA Tech to become your managed service provider for your blockchain, neobank, or Fintech product!

We provide cloud-based managed services that will help you scale your business to meet the rising customer demands without putting all your money into costly IT infrastructure. You will get better access to data, analytics, and information storage.
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