We have mastered our skills to develop advanced solutions for different industries for 8+ years of working. Our expertise covers such industries as Fintech, crypto exchange, blockchain, and neobank.
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If you work in the FinTech sector, you know the value of having your own software for managing your finances. We provide businesses with several financial software types that meet our customers' needs. Many people think there is no such thing as the most outstanding product, but you can rest confident if you pick us to handle your software issues. We will do our best to ensure you are happy with the results.

We provide solutions for:
Payment processing
Every person in FinTech understands the importance of having a solid payment processing solution. If you need a fast and scalable product, you will get one right there!
Blockchain Technology
This trend is followed by many software and finance services, making their activities more robust. If you want to give your product the best quality, we will help!
Financial Services
Our team provides a wide range of expertise in solving large and small business finance software problems. We can improve lending processes and systems or build them from scratch.
Exchange Platforms
Ask professionals to develop a particular crypto platform if you need to work with digital currency exchange.
Trading Platforms
We also assist in creating exceptional financial services. Experts can develop customized solutions, trading bots, and trading management tools.

Crypto Exchange

The digital currency field is relatively young, but attracts the attention of large enterprises and banks. Therefore, more investors decide to enter the crypto market and launch their own projects. And our team is ready to use all the knowledge accumulated to build a digital currency platform.

The turnkey exchanging platform will have the following:
Listing features
Various types of orders
Full customization
Mobile app
Web platform
Extended Order Management System
5000 transactions per second with a delay <50 msec
24/7 support
You can also use free or paid API to launch the service on KUNA infrastructure.
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Distributed ledger technology is a key to creating a robust product or software. Its reliability is confirmed by large companies and even states such as Estonia.

Blockchain architecture is based on security and trust, two critical aspects for any company. Therefore, adopting distributed ledger technology can help overtake competitors, so you better ask professionals to create a blockchain-based product.
Our expertise covers
Custodial wallets
Instant top-up services
Exchange platforms
Enterprise-level central bank digital currency payment hubs
You have an idea? Tell us about it now!
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Government regulation and CBDC

At a particular stage of development, states decide to build the next-gen economy, and blockchain is an excellent basis. It also requires creating CBDC (central bank digital currency) as the main element of the blockchain-based financial system.

Our team has expertise in creating stablecoins pegged to real money on a 1:1 reserve ratio. Such tokens are adequately secured and help to reduce money laundering risks since all transactions can be monitored.

Besides, we help create a government regulation of crypto using actual cases from different countries. You can rely on us in this responsible matter.
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