Our mission is to serve clients with advanced financial services for individuals, professionals, partners or enterprises, with innovative infrastructure solutions that provide access to crypto and traditional financial services in a simple way.

KUNA Tech gives customers the essential freedom of capital with no borders.

We take security seriously and prioritize it in our actions and decisions. We are committed to following all necessary security rules and regulations to ensure the safety and protection of our clients, employees, and business operations.


Michael Chobanian
Mr. Chobanian is a fintech entrepreneur. He is a Bachelor of Economics from the City, University of London. He has 15 years of leadership experience within the internet services sector and has studied the blockchain ecosystem professionally since 2011.
Sam Kaploushenko
Chief Business Officer
Mr. Kaploushenko is one of the first participants of KUNA. Together with Mr. Chobanian, he developed the project starting in 2015.
Michael Rakov
Mr. Rakov has been an experienced and technology-driven visionary in FinTech and Digital Edge Technologies since 2002. He has 20+ years of experience in the Finance Industry in the EU and GCC markets.

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