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Swapping Traditional Bank Accounts for Crypto Wallets: Is it Feasible?
Traditional banks need to evolve to appeal more to crypto users – something they can do using the KUNA Banking API – or risk becoming irrelevant.
Real Life Applications of Crypto Acquiring Platforms
To capitalize on the increasing numbers of crypto users, online businesses of all shapes and sizes must offer the facility to pay using cryptocurrency. This is achieved by integrating a crypto-acquiring platform into the website, such as the one offered by KUNA.
5 minutes read
How to Boost Online Casino Business with a Crypto Acquiring Platform
Crypto presents the perfect solution for online gambling companies looking to broaden their customer base and mitigate against the lack of acceptance from more traditional payment options.
5 minutes read
Digital Banking vs Traditional Banking: A Comparison of Benefits and Limitations
The traditional banking sector has been a part of life for hundreds of years. Banks with histories stretching back centuries are still found on streets worldwide. But digital banking is now widespread, and its popularity is only growing, offering many advantages over traditional banking, including deeper integration with cryptocurrency.
5 minutes read
How Banks Can Benefit from Blockchain-Based Technologies?
Blockchain can be used to implement exceptionally fast transactions from one crypto wallet to another. These transactions can be requested, approved, and logged almost instantaneously, making them marginally faster than current methods used by major banks.
5 minutes
How Crypto Processing is Revolutionizing Traditional Banking
In this blog post, we will explore what crypto processing is, why it's gaining popularity, and how KUNA Tech's solution can help traditional banks make the most out of this technology.
5-7 minutes
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